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Drone Photos ~ Photos Taken by Arcadia Guests

Arcadia Lodge rests on the shores of Big Turtle Lake, home of the "Sky Blue Waters" of MN. Our beautiful lake is just over 2,000 acres in size, has depths of 150' and 21 miles of shoreline. Big Turtle is large enough to spend the week exploring without being so large that you risk getting lost or worrying about rough weather. Fully half of the lake is held within state and federal hands leaving mile after mile of shoreline undeveloped. Secluded coves, numerous bays and islands means you can always find a quiet section of the lake to enjoy all to yourself!

Big Turtle is a glacial dug spring fed lake. The clean clear water is perfect for swimming, boating and Bass fishing. The clarity level is 15-17'! This clear water combined with the depth of Big Turtle means the water stays a little cooler then many lakes in the area. This is great for swimming! We don't have to deal with algae blooms, swimmers itch, snail die offs and huge floating mats of vegetation. Here at Arcadia you'll swim and boat on clean and clear water all summer long!!


Arcadia Lodge offers the largest floating playground in Northern Minnesota! Our large sandy beach provides a ton of space for families to spread out and enjoy those hot summer days. 4 docks with platforms offer even more space for hanging out while you watch the kids play and swim. Our watertoys start in shallow water for the little ones with the toys growing in size out to water 20' deep for the largest toys. Water of this depth is needed to ensure that toys are safe if someone dives off the top! The entire swimming area and floating playground is surrounded by a buoy line. This buoy line keeps all watercraft out of the swimming area and far enough away from the floating playground to make sure the kids can swim safely. You will also find a large collection of Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Canoes available to all guests.


Cruising the "Sky Blue Waters" of Big Turtle Lake is one of the most serene experiences you will ever have! From pontooning with the whole family to water-skiing behind the speed boat Big Turtle is perfect. Arcadia offers a large fleet of pontoons, fishing boats and jet skis. Or you can bring your own watercraft. We have a boat launch on-site that can handle any watercraft. We see fishing boats, speed boats, pontoons, wake-boats and more launch every year. Docking is included with your cabin rental!


With so much of Big Turtle Lake undeveloped and low overall traffic you'll enjoy amazing scenery and wildlife viewing. Loons, Bald Eagles, Whitetail Deer, Beavers, Otters and Ducks are a daily sight! There are multiple beaver lodges, a beaver dam and a Bald Eagle nest within paddle board range of Arcadia.

Bass Fishing

The deep, clean and clear waters of Big Turtle Lake offer some of the best Bass Fishing in Northern MN! From late May till the end of June is prime Bass fishing season. Check it out!

Photos Taken With Our DJI Drone ~ Photos Pending


Photos Of Big Turtle Lake Taken By Guests Of Arcadia Lodge


Reunion Cabins

11 Bedroom Turtle Shores ~ 11 Bedroom Bayview ~ 9 Bedroom Basswood ~ 9 Bedroom Birchview ~ 8 Bedroom Mapleivew

Private Lake Cabins

6 Bedroom Lunker Lodge ~ 6 Bedroom Aspen ~ 4 Bedroom Shoreview ~ 4 Bedroom Moosebay ~ 2 Bedroom Rustic Lodge ~ 2 Bedroom Blue Jay

Beachfront Cabins

4 Bedroom Beachside ~ 4 Bedroom Fireside ~ 3 Bedroom Islandview ~ 3 Bedroom Loonsnest ~ 2 Bedroom Blackbear

Hilltop Cabins

3 Bedroom Cardinal ~ 3 Bedroom Timberwolf ~ 2 Bedroom Hummingbird ~ 2 Bedroom Pinecone ~ 2 Bedroom Whitetail ~ 1 Bedroom Foxden ~ 5 Bedroom Duplex (Timberwold & Whitetail Combined)

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6 Bedroom Snow Lodge ~ 3 Bedroom Woodland ~ 2 Bedroom Beaver Lodge ~ 2 Bedroom Norway ~ 1 Bedroom Eagles Roost ~ 1 Bedroom Red Robin

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