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Steve Jones
Steve bought Arcadia Lodge in 1992 after serving in the Air Force has a captain aboard the B-52 strato fortress bomber. Upon arrival with his 3 year old son Casey and infant daughter Nikki, he set out to create a successful Minnesota Resort. After 8 years of remodeling 1940' vintage cabins he decided to build the first from scratch cabin at Arcadia. The Basswood cabin was completed in 2001 and after proving a resounding success Steve set out to build 8 additional cabins and rebuild all of the original cabins. Today he operates 21 cabins with his son and daughter in law, Casey & Kylie Jones.

Kylie Jones
Kylie formally joined the Arcadia family in 2010 when she married Casey. Kylie recently completed a degree in business and today is in charge of reservations, cabin cleaning and The Lodge(gift shop, snack bar & lounge).

Casey Jones
Raised on the grounds of Arcadia Lodge, Casey grew up with a desire to run the resort. Over the years he has worked in every aspect of the business; from yard work and cabin cleaning to reservations and customer service. Today he runs the waterfront, building and maintaining Arcadia's watercraft fleet, and ensuring that the Beach is always enlarging.

History of Arcadia
The history of Arcadia dates back to 1922 when a group of doctors from Missouri came up with an idea for a summer community they named Arcadia Park.  After purchasing a large tract of land on Big Turtle Lake, the main lodge was built and individual parcels were sold off to people who built their private summer homes.  Although these summer homes were privately owned, many services were obtained from the main lodge, including electricity, water, meals and other basic necessities.  The term "lights out" had real meaning for these early residents, as electricity was then obtained from a generator built into the side of the hill near the store.  The sound of this generator vibrated across the lake and 10 p.m. became the agreed upon quite hour.  The cave where this generator sat still exists along with the water pipe which extends into the lake from which they once drew water.  Today, water and care taking services are still supplied to other homes in the area.

The original complex included a laundry, icehouse, nine hole golf course, an archery range and in-house gambling.  A recent dinner guest to Arcadia Lodge told the owners that his boyhood job was hauling blocks of ice to the residents from the sawdust icehouse every morning.

The summer residents were called to dinner with an old iron bell that could be heard clear across the lake.  The bell's pealing signaled the beginning of "cocktail hour" and soon one could see residents and visitors dressed in evening wear walking down the road to the lodge.  

Cocktails were served in what is today the dining room.  Meals were served in what is now the game room and several of the original tables and chairs are still in use today. 

The Library housed the roulette wheels and other games of chance.  It is said that the local sheriff of that time was paid well to forewarn of any raids by government officials.  What is now called the Snow Lodge, built in 1928, housed the office and general store. 

There are many stories about gangsters such as Al Capone who stayed at Arcadia. Mr. Capone made Arcadia a favorite stopover on his trips back to Chicago from Canada. One local Marcell resident remembers visiting Arcadia with his father and actually meeting Mr. Capone.

Many collectibles from the early days of Arcadia remain in the lodge today, helping to create a very unique Northwoods atmosphere.  Arcadia is truly the land of "sky-blue waters."  In fact, early Hamm's Beer commercials were filmed here.  (Do you remember the Hamm's Bear?)


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